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Parent Perspectives

"When it came time for our daughter, Miranda, to enter K5 in the year 2000, we wanted her to get a quality education as well as be in a Christian environment where she wasn’t just a number. We did look over several schools that were recommended to us in the Columbia area; however, Grace impressed us as being the most involved with the children on a more personal level. During the thirteen years that Miranda has been at Grace, we have never had the occasion to second guess our choice that we made all those years ago. The Grace staff throughout the years have all been loving, caring, Christian teachers, secretaries, lunchroom ladies, coaches, daycare workers and principals that we feel have always had Miranda’s best interests in mind."

"All three of our children have attended Grace Christian School from kindergarten through 12th grade. Overall, we have been very pleased with the education our children have received at Grace. All of our children have participated in academics, fine arts, and sports. If our children had attended public school, they might not have been able to participate in all of these activities. However, at Grace, there was a place for each of our children in every activity in which they wanted to participate.

Because there are fewer students at Grace than at most public schools, our children were able to get to know every other child in their own grade and almost every other child in the entire school. One of the things that our family really appreciated was the interaction between older students and younger students. When our children were young, the older children in the school participated as teacher’s aides and coaches in elementary intramural sports. When our children were older they were able to mentor younger children as tutors and teacher’s aides. I don’t know of another school that provides this opportunity.

At Grace, our children had more than “teachers.” My children’s teachers were not only concerned about their academic progress; they were also concerned about our children’s spiritual well-being as well. Now that my children have graduated, if you ask them, they would consider their teachers “friends for life.”

All of our children have been able to successfully compete in the “real world,” and they have excelled. We believe that their success is not “in spite of” but “because of” the traditional Christian education they received at Grace. We would recommend Grace Christian School to any parents who are seeking to have their child attend a Christ-honoring educational institution, as well as receive an outstanding education."

"In 2011 we relocated our family to the Columbia area. We believed it was important to find a private Christian school so that our three youngest daughters would experience a supportive Christian environment to help them through what could have been a very difficult transition. Joy and I were pleased with what we saw at Grace Christian School and know it was an answer to prayer. The administration and faculty were warm and accepting of our family and were a testimony of God’s grace. We have enjoyed the opportunities GCS has provided our family to be involved in competitive sports, a high-quality music program and strong academics. We value the school’s commitment to Christ-centered education and have experienced God’s blessing because of the faculty and staff at GCS."

"I drop Austin off every morning with the peace of mind that she is in a safe environment where she is loved and will receive the best education possible.

As former graduates, Amy and I can say with confidence that the teachers at Grace are called to minister to our children, and not just teach for an occupation. They have shown us over the last eight years that Grace still has the highest of standards both spiritually and academically, as it did when we were students. It is a blessing to see my child being taught by some of the same teachers that taught Amy and me. This speaks volumes of the dedication of your staff."


"Grace Christian School is important to us for many reasons. The fact that God is a focal point at this school instead of a “hush” word is a great comfort to us. As parents of two young boys that are currently attending Grace, we truly believe that Grace is a partner to us, helping us train-up our children “in the way that they should go” according to the Scriptures. We are pleased that the Ten Commandments can be instilled into our boys at this school instead of those commandments being shunned or prohibited as in the case of public schools. The thought of sending our boys to a public or secular school is truly a grueling and painful thought. We are thrilled that Bible stories are taught to our boys and the Bible material is incorporated within Grace’s textbooks and study material. We thank God and pray that He blesses all the teachers that we have met at Grace. These teachers care not only about our boy’s intellect but also their spiritual well-being."

"Grace offers opportunities in sports with high school teams for both girls and boys and encourages and supports missions through its “Missions week.” Special events such as Grandparents’ Day, spirit week, student retreats, fine arts competition, and field day help to make learning fun. The small classes, dedicated staff and encouraging atmosphere of Grace all serve to create a unique and positive environment for our children to learn and discover God’s truths through education.

We have children ranging from grade K5 to 10th grade and, as parents, we have been very happy to tell others our kids are students here at Grace. Grace provides our children instruction based on God’s Word, which reinforces our teaching at home. It has helped our children have a heart for God and a heart for others that shines in this sometimes dark world. They have personal integrity and a desire to do what is right. We try hard to teach these core values at home, but to have them built up and reinforced at school is helping us raise the children we feel we are called to raise."

"I’m thankful for the opportunities that my children have as students at Grace Christian School. Through their classes, chapel and extracurricular activities, they are challenged spiritually, academically and culturally.

Boasting a highly qualified faculty who knows their subject matter well, each one of the teachers are able to teach each academic subject through the lens of a Biblical worldview.

Opportunities to participate in fine arts and sports abound at Grace. The school has laid a good foundation of a solid fine arts and sports program that helps their students achieve and glorifies God through their participation.

Grace Christian School is big enough to offer a lot of programs—yet at the same time, it’s small enough to be able to personally meet the needs of each of its students. I’m glad we chose Grace!"

"I must admit I was skeptical at first, because all I knew was the public education system. However, it has been 15 years and we have two graduates of GCS, and a ninth and sixth grader. It has been a growing experience to watch our children being challenged to memorize Scripture, to behave in a Christ-like manner, and to hold a high standard of dress and conduct. The teachers have loved and encouraged our children through every circumstance whether it was the easy road or the bumpy road of learning. We have seen the teachers go over and beyond to help our children with learning. (Help classes, communication, and finding new ways to explain difficult concepts)"

"We praise the Lord for such a time as this to be able to send our children to a school that emphasizes and magnifies the Lord Jesus Christ. We enjoy walking through the teachers’ classrooms. It is refreshing to see so many uplifting and creative ways of encouraging our children to see our Creator woven into the very fabric of the teaching of every subject."

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