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Grades 1-6


Throughout the elementary years, GCS places great emphasis on the basic fundamentals of education. The "A Beka Book" ™and Bob Jones Press curriculums are used. Each day begins with bible study in all elementary grades. Students imrpove their reading comprehension and vocabulary knowledge as they learn and review the fundamentals of phonics. A mathematics program using traditional methods provides the student with an excellent mathematical base. Penmanship is still considered important at GCS! A Biblical world view allows our teachers to implement God's Word into not only Bible class, but every subject.

Deidicated teachers model a love for God's Word and a desire to do right. High standards and effective discipline are hallmarks of our elementary program. As your children grow, they will be encouraged to think critically and influence the world around them by applying Bible principles to every subject.

At GCS, your child will also grow socially through participation in extracurricular activities such as art, music, computer, library time and Spanish class. In upper elementary, students participate each year in a state Fine Arts competion held in Charleston, SC.

Elementary students are a vital part of our school spirit! Special events such as Field Day, pep rallies, 100th Day of School, and Grandparents Day are highlights of o

By the end of their elementary years, GCS students are well-prepared with a strong foundation for what lies ahead of them in the Junior and Senior high grades. 

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